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Hi, I’m Scott Mansell.


My Story

I love motorsport and have been involved for over 25 years. I’ve been fortunate to race, coach, build training programmes and create content during this time, not to mention driving everything from Ferraris to F1 cars on some of the world’s best circuits.

I founded Driver61 in 2015, after previously coaching for more than a decade. The goal was to educate racing drivers, so they could enjoy the sport we love even more.

I put out a series of video tutorials – called the Driver’s University – which has since had millions of views and helped thousands of racers. In 2018, I set up an on-track training programme to take drivers to the next level and we now develop over 200 drivers each year.

At the end of 2019, we expanded into sim racing and have trained thousands of drivers from around the world. In addition, Driver61 acquired in late-2020, a sim racing data acquisition company.

During 2020, I developed Driver61’s YouTube channel with the aim of educating and entertaining drivers and motorsport fans. The channel has grown by 350,000 subscribers in the last year and amassed 46,000,000 views – that’s over a century of video watched!

For 2021 my goals are much the same; to educate, entertain and inspire drivers and motorsport fans.

on-track training

Driver61 helps drivers get faster on track and more confident on the limit. We train over 200 drivers each year through our unique development programmes.

sim racing training

Driver61 helps sim racers fulfil their potential through online programmes and coaching. We have trained thousands of sim racers from around the world.

data acquisition helps sim racers improve their technique through simple-to-use, and understand, data acquisition software.

high quality video content

Our YouTube channel educates and entertains racers and motorsports fans. Our content focuses on incredible cars, drivers and engineering. The channel has more than 440,000 subscribers and receives 6-10M views per month.

Racing driver

I have competed in the highest levels of motorsport, winning a number of European championships. I’ve been lucky enough to driver everything from Mazda MX-5’s to over 25 different F1 cars and worked with brands such as Ferrari and Renault F1.

We create incredible motorsport content like this: