Scott Mansell

About Scott Mansell

Scott Mansell is a British racing driver and professional driver coach. Scott has had an exceptional career so far – holding seven world records, including five outright fastest laps at circuits worldwide. He was the youngest ever driver to test a Formula One car and a privileged nominee of the famous British Racing Driver`s Club, Young Driver of the Year Award – won that year by F1 driver Paul di Resta.

How to Heel and Toe

Drivers heel and toe to make their downshifts, whilst braking, as smooth as possible. If the downshift is not smooth the driver runs the risk of locking the driven wheels and unbalancing that end of the car. This is less than ideal at the entry to a corner.

Heel and toeing is a must if you want to drive any manual car at its limit in the braking zone. It’s […]

How to Trail Brake & Manipulate Weight Transfer

Mario Andretti once said he was amazed by how “drivers still think the brakes are for slowing the car down”. And he’s right. The brakes are so much more important than a deceleration device – they allow you to manipulate and alter the pitch of the car as you enter a corner.

Change the pitch of the car and you change the balance of grip from front to rear and […]

Circuit Driving in the Rain

Driving in wet conditions is more challenging than in the dry, this is why in a wet race the grid will be generally more spread out than in the dry. Unfortunately for some, the difference in driving ability is highlighted. There are just more factors to think about – including less, and inconsistent, grip levels.


Often, in the UK especially, the conditions are variable. Wet to dry […]

Understanding Understeer


The definition of understeer is very simple: when the front tyres of a car have less grip than the rears and the car turns less than the steering input.

For example, you are turning around a long radius corner and the car feels like it’s ‘pushing on’ – the car is not turning as much as the steering input applied, due to the front tyres sliding over the […]